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of arizona you have a very large elderly population. so is medicare on the table for you? >> you bet. i've said from the very beginning and every campaign event i've been to and every forum i've been to that we've got to change the structure to make it sustainable in the long-term. i support the ryan plan. i support premium support, for example. we've got to raise the retirement age. we've got to, with social security, do the change c.p.i. there are a lot of things we need to do and it's not going to be just one or another. it's probably all of them. >> and so for you, jeff flake, who should do -- who should be doing the negotiating, do you think? because in this last round we just saw that it was vice president joe biden and your leader over there in the senate, mitch mcconnell. guest: right, i hope that it's regular order. that's one thing that we've seen in the 113th or 112th congress that has not been good. we've moved away from regular order. we haven't done appropriation bills one by one in the house. we certainly tried. but with the senate not one appropriation bill went through.
in the senate been betting against it. democrats may not be able to lose that much to get it passed. i have spoke to some that are looking for a reason not to vote for this. we cannot set the stage for further destabilization hostage- taking from ours in the form of another debt ceiling crisis. but he was doing that ahead of last night's vote. this was another thing he was going to do. he didn't win it. you have done the revenue and change the estate tax. that is done. you are going into the negotiations without many avenues. there will not negotiate on the debt ceiling. sherrod brown said they were going with it. whitehouse said the same thing earlier. obama said they want an end to the high jinks. host: what is your take on president obama's role in negotiating so far? guest: i think he has a strong impulse to reach a deal. his priorities to reaching a deal is surpassing his desire to stand up for progressive principles. to protect parts of the government from harmful cuts that would hurt a lot of regular americans. host: republicans saw his news conference as unusual. john mccain said he
the years and i'm betting that john brennan has, too, that too much of our intelligence is tactical, focused on who is coming over the next hill, on the battlefield. we surged -- most of our intel assets into afghanistan and iraq over recent years, or about how those wars would come out, and it is a good idea to restore some of our focus on other parts of the world, including asia. i hope our rebalance -- i am speaking as a former policy maker and someone who has a policy institution -- i would hope this rebalance toward asia will not focus on how we make relationships with china and others more difficult. i hope it focuses on how we join with the region to create a larger trading relationship with the united states, and to understand better ways in which we can become closer friends with china and friends with the region. i think that will be in everybody's interests, and to the extent the cia gives us information about leadership changes -- there have been leadership changes in japan, china, and south korea in the last six months -- and better information about other trends, then our polic
. >> and andrea mitchell. who is probably been working since 5:00 this morning, too. >> i bet you every single person here has been up since 5:00. >> block i saw the dress andrea had on, and i thought -- >> that was clever. you're not a rhodes scholar for thing. >> 4:30 wakeup for the morning joe. >> oh, my gun. what time do you get up? >> 4:30 to 5:00. >> i'm the late raiser, 5:00 to 5:30. >> how late do you work straight through? typically. i guess every day is different. >> when you're doing the "today" program you have to be the last one out at night to make sure you have the overnight. especially secretary clinton was traveling because there were late and early developments as well. so i'm there until 10:00 or 11:00, and i can go out and get michigan to eat and come back. >> for the two people in america who don't know andrea mitchell, i want to introduce her. incomes' chief foreign affairs correspondence. one of the most respected and hardest working journalist in america and we're delighted she is here. next to her is shirley ann jackson, the president of poly tick nick cal institute th
million to paul, they bet that it couldn't be done. he went out and did that because of his curiosity and if it worked he would be the father of commercial space. right? now would you have thought that that $20 million or so that he spent, well, it is pocket change if you're worth $26 billion, right? but you know he got almost half his money back with xprise and then richard branson paid him another couple million to put virgin on it for the two xprise flight sose got half his money back right away and he's been licensing the technology of the re-entry and he's still returning money back on it and it will be a profitable program for him. that's weird. can you imagine nasa doing space research and it's profitable and returns? no, no, you can't mantle that. [laughter] you guys are from florida. i know you can't imagine. that i put this in because i think our test pilots are handsome. the one who i made an astronaut twice, mike melville, the balding one there, is two to three years older than he's allowed to fly an airliner. but he's a very good pilot. the white knights is a special laun
. against that backdrop, few would have bet on us, few would have bet on new jersey leading the way to restore people's belief that government could accomplish things for them. but here we are, three years later, and look at all of those things some called impossible in this town that we have made a reality -- a real 2% property tax cap, interest arbitration reform, pension and health benefit reform, teacher tenure reform, higher education restructuring resulting in rutgers now being in the top 25 in research dollars and the newest member of the big 10, investment in all our universities for the first time in 25 years, acknowledges merit pay, three years ago, a national reputation for corruption and division and waste, today, a national model for reform and bipartisanship and leadership. [applause] let's review this new reality specifically, to remind our constituents and ourselves how far we have come and to resolve to never return to the old, dark days of our past in trenton. four years, four balanced budgets, no new taxes, new tax relief to create 75,000 new private sector jobs -
, for it stands, oranges betting our praise. sobered trucks and heavy with oil and paper, teeming over highways alongside us our way to clean tables read ledgers or save lives to teach geometry or ring up groceries as my mother did for 20 years so i could write this poem for all of us today. all of us, as vital as the one light we all move through, equations to solve, history to question, we all keep dreaming a or the impossible vocabulary of sorrow that will not explain the empty deaths of 20 children marked absent today and forever many prayers one light life into the faces of a bronze statue is warmth into the steps of our museums and park benches as mothers watched children slide into the day one grounds our ground routine as to every stalk of corn every head of wheat sown by sweat and hands hands planting windmills that keep us warm hands digging trenches, routing pipes in cable ands as worn as my father's cutting sugar cane so my brother and i could have a books and shoes the dust of farms and desserts, mingled byplaneines, one half wind, our breath breathe the it throught the go symphony
, you can bet that i have very serious concerns about the press being shut out. of course i oppose the disclosure of properly classified government information, but i think we have to make sure that legislative efforts to protect or prevent classified leaks don't ink fringe upon our fundamental freedoms, including the freedom of the press. and there i might say to the administration as i have said to past administrations, don't overclassify things. don't put a classification on everything that you do, including those things where you want to cover your mistakes. this is an open and free country. let's keep it that way. so i'll keep pushing to update our privacy laws, to address emerging technology and the internet, including the electronic communications privacy act. we have to re-authorize satellite, tv licenses. we have to make most accessible for those with visual disabilities. we have to create incentives for innovation. and like chief justice roberts, i believe the extraordinary high number of extended judicial vacancies has to end. we'll continue to work to do that, but those
believe mcgovern lost. everyone i knew voted for him. i bet there are people on our side that cannot believe obama won because everyone they know voted against him. the point is, we have different perspectives on this. the reason i will oppose the legislation, chief johnston, is because i respect what your do as a lot -- what you do as a law-enforcement officer. has your budget been cut? >> yes. >> will it be cut in the future? >> i am optimistic that it is not. >> because of the fiscal state of affairs we have, there will be less police officers, not more, over the next decade. response time will be less, not -- will be more, not less. so, sokelly, i really do want to get guns out of the hands of the wrong people. i honest to god believe that if we arbitrarily say nobody in this country can own a 10-round magazine in the future, there could be a situation where a mother runs out of bullets because of something we do here. i cannot prevent every bad outcome, but i do know and believe in the bottom of my heart that i am not an unreasonable person by saying that in some circumstances t
is in fact a safe bet. markets could go haywire, interest rates will spike for everybody who borrows money, every homeowner with a warm ridge, every student with a student loan, every business that wants to hire. host: your reaction? guest: thank you for having me. even now as a businessman who is in public service, i have 160 employees in northern virginia. this is not theoretical to me. we have a serious economic problem with spending and revenues. it threatens the foundations of our republic. and when the president says we cannot negotiate that, that is not the right position, and i know however many minutes we have here, we will talk about spending reductions that have got to happen. revenues must come up a bit. the president said -- i have not seen the balanced approach he is talking about. i sought this office because we are at risk because of our fiscal trajectory. it really threatens every american, whether they are republican, democrat, independent, and i ran on a platform of we have a spending problem not a revenue problem. if you had me on the show back then, i would have said t
to channel our assistance to bet meet the needs of the syrian people. she took the opportunity to reiterate her inveigh decision -- invination for the leadership to meet in washington in the near future. >> followup on michelle's, the loan to the syrian government, the iranian loan, is that indication that they are rapidly running out of resources to sustain itself? >> it is certainly our analysis that they are rapidly running through the reserve of the government to fuel their brutal campaign against their own people and you know, this is just further effort to stay in power so they are reaching out to the few friends they have left, iran being the main supporter, for cash now, and it's clear what's going on financially there. >> have you had a chance to look more clearly at what happened at the university and who is responsible for the attack on the anniversary? >> i'm not sure which particular incident you're talking about. >> there was an attack yesterday on the university where apparently dozens were killed. >> were you not here at the top when i read out our statement condemning that
is to provide intelligence on these parts of the world and not to make policy. i'm betting that too much of our intelligence is tackle. it is focused on who is coming over the next hill in the battlefield. most of our intel assets into afghanistan and iraq. it is a good idea to restore some of our focus in other parts of the world, including asia. as a former policy maker, i would hope this rebalance toward asia will not focus on how we make relationships with china and others more difficult. i would hope it would help to join in the region to create a larger trading relationship and to better understand ways in which we can become close friends with china. i think that will be in everybody's interest and gives us information about leadership changes. better information about other trends will be better and more congruent. host: we have about 10 minutes left with jane harman. now the director of the wilson center. linda from new york is next. caller: good morning. i have a three-part question for jane. changes would you like to see made to our constitution? guest: i'm not recommending any. i wo
cuts. is medicare on the table for you? guest: you bet. i have said at every campaign event that we have to change the structure to make it sustainable in the long term. i support the ryan plan. we have to raise the retirement age. with social security, we have to do the chain cpi. there are a lot of things we have to do. host: for you, who should be doing the negotiating? saw it was vice president joe biden and mitch mcconnell. guest: i hope it is -- we have moved away from regular order. with the senate, not one appropriations bill went through. my preference is to go through regular order. at is the best route. host: what about filibuster reform? that could be a vote that happens maybe in february. you wouldn't need 60 votes to just consider a vote. allow the legislation to come to the floor. how would you vote on that? guest: i hope we do not change rules that have served well over 200 years. the majority doesn't have its will. if you have a one person majority in the house, you can pretty much control will goes on. that is not the case in the senate. we need a change in behavio
summarizing -- so doesnt that mean that he's betting that congress will raise the debt ceiling? i mean, otherwise, what are your options? go over the cliff -- >> the president believes it's congress's responsibility to raise the debt ceiling. he hopes that congress will exercise that responsibility without drama or delay. he understands that there are further issues that we need to work with congress on when it comes to getting our fiscal house in order, but they have to be separate from their responsibility to pay bills that congress has already racked up. i like to do this because i was around when it happened, but it is instructive to remember, when we're talking about who's responsible when it comes to getting our fiscal house in order and reducing our deficits -- and you can look at the graphs here about when deficits went up and when they went down, and they went up in the 80s and they went down after president clinton took office. they went up again from surpluses to massive deficits under president bush. we had an economic financial crisis the likes of which none of us in this
they take away safety nets? yes. do they hurt our veterans? yes. without question i will make a bet with anybody that would like to there will be a budget passed in this session. when that happens they'll try to put some pressure on the senate, which could easily pass anything they want to pass, and that makes this no budget, no pay, no teeth. with that, madam speaker, i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from pennsylvania yields back. the gentlewoman from michigan is recognized for one minute. mrs. miller: madam speaker, i yield myself such time as i may consume. which i understand is about one minute. i would just say this, madam speaker, that what we are hearing from our democratic colleagues here in the house is really a complete disconnect from what we are hearing from their senate colleagues about this particular bill. you have house democrats saying that this bill is nothing but a dimic. i have heard it said that this bill is a joke. in other words, it is a gimmick or a joke to suggest that congress should follow the law. i think that's
carolina, it says in that story that republicans are betting on opposition from tea party activists, that the most conservative report -- most conservative supporters will continue to take a hard line on immigrants. the senators on monday released this blueprint for immigration policy one day ahead of the president's speech. evidence that the town and immigration may be changing, according to "the new york times." host: we will hear more about dissension from this plan coming out. first, liz, texas, democrat. hello. caller: i had a couple of brief points to make. i am an educator, teaching english as a second language to students. i had a couple of comments, i hope i have time to make them. i noticed that several families will live in one house because they work for such low let -- such low wages, they cannot get by better than anyone else who is working for $5, and at $7 per hour. when you make that little money, you generally do not pay taxes. in most states you do not have to pay any at all. the other point i want to make, if they're going to be here to work, they need to be paid
of the best white water rafting in the nation. i bet you did not even know that. this year, we are going to sponsor a national white water rafting competition. we are going for this competition. this can be government officials from dupont beat -- diskette to officials they must be an evenly divided rafters must the government employees for at least six months and they must have been hired before today. deadboltarafes and a -- at the graphs and identical equipment will be divided amongst the team spent so there will be a number of challenges. the first challenge will be the executive to the assembly challenge. the assembly speaker, avid outdoorsman, a mountain near will be the captain of the assembly graf if he so chooses. the next challenge will be the senate challenge with the co-l eaders. you have to paddle the same way, guys. the new york city challenge, we have the ss bloomberg. mayor bloomberg always looks good and what he is doing. i will have my own team. i will have an identical raft that is identical in all ways except the state police that because i respond to so many emergenc
will ask if the united states of america is in fact a safe bet. markets could go haywire. interest rates would spike for anyone who borrowed money. every homeowner with a mortgage, every student with the business -- every student with the student loan. it would be a self-inflected wounds on the economy. it would slow down our growth. it might put us into a recession, and ironically, would probably increase the deficit. to even entertain the idea of this happening, of the united states of america not paying its bills is irresponsible. it is absurd. as the speaker said two years ago, it would be, and i am quoting the speaker, it would be a financial disaster not only for us, but the worldwide economy. so we have to pay our bills. republicans in congress can act responsibly and pay america's bills, or they can act irresponsibly and put america through another economic crisis. but they will not collect a ransom in exchange for not crashing the american economy. the financial well-being of the american people is not leverage to be used. the full faith and credit of the united states of americ
serious adverse effects on dod readiness even as the face some complex security challenges. i bet even mentioned the destruction that sequestration may cause -- i have not even mentioned in the destruction that sequestration may cause. we face uncertainty. we face costs and risks. i am reminded of a story that captures this in a light turnout. it is about -- in a lighter note. it is about a speaker. as someone to come up. i have 3 challenge -- questions for you. imagine there is a 40 foot long that is 6 inches high. [inaudible] it is the same being but strung between 240 buildings. i will give the $100 to walk across it. but that's all i'm going to die. the third question is same as being, 40 story building. i have one of your three children in my whole and. if you do not walk across a i'm going to walk across the children. do you take a chance inde? >> we're going to take you live to the east room of the white house for an announcement by president obama. >> as president and commander in chief, my most solemn obligation is the security of the american people. we have met that responsi
bets are off, folks. and i am enormously grateful for the generous comments of the chair and the ranking member. thank you very, very much. thank you also for your tremendous cooperation over the course of the last year's, providing that you get me out of here quickly, i will be able to congratulate you more fully when you officially assume your responsibilities. i will tell all of you in this committee that the new members particularly that i have enjoyed chairing this committee and working with you as much as anything i have done or have been privileged to do in all of my career. i think that this is one of the great committees of the united states senate, and it is the only major committee i have served on since day one when i arrived in the senate in 1985. as you know, the committee carries special, consequential responsibilities with respect to the security of our nation, and i thank each and everyone of you for this serious consideration that you give and have given to the challenging issues and for the remarkable cooperation that i have had as chairman of the commi
to the location. america prevails. america prospers. and those who bet against this country have inevitably been on the wrong side of history. it is a good moment to gaze upward and behold the statue of freedom at the top of the capitol dome. it is a good moment to gain strength and courage and humility from those who were determined to complete the half finished down. it is a good moment to rejoice at this 57 inaugural ceremony. it is the perfect moment to renew our collective face in the future of america. thank you. god bless the united states. . i would like to introduce merlie he was extended the promise of a nation's founding principles. she will lead the nation in the invocation. >> we are here on this day january the 21st 2013. the inauguration of our 45th president for barack obama. we, at this time to ask lessons upon our leaders, president, vice president, members of congress all elected and appointed officials of the united states of america. we are here to ask blessings upon all who contribute to the essence of the american. . the opportunity to become whatever in mankind or womenki
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21